GEO DC – Last week in Nerding

Last week I just went to one event, but it was a good one.

GEO DC has a meet up of three lightening talks once a month, first Wednesday every month at Stetsons.  Here are my notes:

Morgan Herlocker gave a great talk about mapping with the fourth dimension, or as he joked, 3 d, when you skip the third d. Really cool example with the iditarod:

Example was built with turf : .

Next talk was given by Jon Bowen

He showed how to use Esri story maps:

With some cool examples and a workshop announcement for non profits.

After that someone from Development seed presented a really cool map showing just infrastructure such as oil pipelines and roads on a map, with no boundary lines or other markers. It was impressive to see both the density of infrastructure in richer countries and make out the boundaires  with just the pipelines and roads.

I didn’t take good enough notes to remember who gave the talk or where to find the example. Note to self: do that next time.


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