Last Week In Nerding 2/16-2/22



The highlight of the week in “Nerding” in DC was Open Data Day DC a ” a yearly hackathon and training event in Washington, DC on the same day as more than 100 other Open Data Day events throughout the world.”

Here I would like to share some notes on what I learned at the event, check out the hackpad if you are interested in diving deeper into the different workshops and projects that went on.

Eric Miller gave a great talk introducing the concept of open data through a demonstration on how to use the Sunlight foundation’s open congress api.

Following lunch I sat in on a discussion called “Have data? Get some help making it open. Led by Tom Lee (Mapbox).”

My interest after working with some mess open government data was in sort of ” First responder” steps and tasks when coming up on a open data disaster scene, basically first principles that organizations should follow when opening their data to the public.  People in the group pointed me in the direction of

The  end of the day talk was led by Aaron Schumacher who gave a great introduction to Data Science and R.  Aaron’s a great speaker and teacher, notes on his talk are here.  Main Take Away:
“OSEMN.” OSEMN stands for Obtain, scrub , explore, model, iNterpret.

Day two I spent working on a project on Bus data from Manila. I’m not sure how much I was able to help, but I learned a lot and everyone on my team was really friendly and helpful.

At the end of the day, I went to ”

Open Mapping
Going from zero to mapping with open geo data and open geo software. Led by Max Richman (GeoPoll and DataKind DC co-chapter leader).”
It was a great workshop on how to get into mapping with QGIS. I am gonna try to teach some of this stuff in the future, I’m definitely going to steal these slides and work throughs for any teaching I do.  Here are notes from the class:
I looked through the main website for all the open data days across the world, and it looks like there was one in Panama – I wish I had been able to send it out to the Peace Corps folks there, I’ll try and remember next year.
Looking forward to more events this year with similar groups and to make it to next years event!

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